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Why are volleyball uniforms so revealing? What do you think about new and old volleyball uniforms?

  1. I cant believe how revealing volleyball uniforms are. Ive just starting playing for my high school and I dont mind too much but theres no reason why the shorts need to show your butt. I suppose the only thing is that the new shorts look smarter than the old one pieces, which were pretty revealing in the butt area too.
    What do you think of each type of uniform? Which do you wear and which do you prefer?
    Do you feel embarassed that they are so revealing?
    Do you think they are inappropriate?
    Why are they so revealing and do you think they will change.
    Just trying to get some understanding. Thanks for reading.

    Answer by Mallory
    The reason they are so “revealing” is to improve performance. Im not embarrassed of wearing a uniform that supports my team, and if they bother you so much you can ask your coach to wear normal gym shorts or if you can buy longer spandex. No one is trying to make revealing uniforms (except for maybe cheerleaders lol) but they do it so you can move faster and be as comfortable as you can. Also spandex material is able to give more which provides more mobility such used as cyclists, volleyball players, and swimmers.

  2. I really love volleyball! Also I want to know how you can get a full ride scholar ship to a really good collage for volleyball. Also, how do you get more muscles? Finally, what are some really good warm ups that you can do to become amazing?

    Answer by Heather(:
    Well, to get a scholarship for collEge, you should work. Work really hard, practice ALOT, if you love volleyball so much, this should be no problem.

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    Getting more muscles requires things like, weightlifting then consuming protein.
    I wouldn;t get my hopes up about that full ride, those are hard to come by, but you certainly could get some money for college.

    VOLLEYBALL TIPS;http://volleyball.lifetips.com/

    MUSCLE BUILDING;http://stronglifts.com/how-to-build-muscle-mass-guide/

    GOOD WARMUPS; http://volleyball-base.com/blog/2008/03/11/dynamic-warm-up-for-volleyball/

    I hope this helped.

  3. Im 14 years old and I want to start playing volleyball. Ive never played before, but I played softball for nine years and Im pretty athletic, so Im sure I can learn and pick it up. Im a freshman, so Ill be a sophomore next year and I might try out for the school team. Before that though, Im going to have to play some over the summer of course. And from there I dont know where to start. I know that being completely new I cant play club volleyball, so I was looking for a rec team or something, but I still dont know if theres rec teams for girls my age with little to no experience in the sport. If anyone could tell me what to do, where to look, or what kind of team/training or anything I need to know itd help me a lot! And also any kind of equipment or gear I need to play, and any tips on starting :)

    PS, if anyone could recommend any kind of volleyball league in Nashville, TN, thatd also help me a bunch.

    Answer by shooter 25
    You can go to a volleyball clinics or go to Summer camp. High Schools and Colleges have over the Summer. If you are going to be busy this Summer may be clinics will help you learn the game. Clinics are for a day so you can take them when you can. Clubs and Rec Centers offer clinics to. Once you learn the fundamental you need to practice when you can. Begin a softball player can be plus for thou learning how to play volleyball. Because the way you thrown the ball is simpler to hit thing and serving in volleyball. The quick speed you use to run bases simpler in volleyball. You need to be in great shape for volleyball. The is all about quick movement. Getting to ball quickly as you can before it hit the court. Where you are setting, passing, bumping or hitting. Good luck and work hard learn volleyball.. Coaches love to see players work hard on the court.
    Oh here are a few exercises that can help you get in shape. You can do set ups and planks help with your core which is important to a volleyball players. Because your strength comes from a strong core especially Setter and Hitters. Jump roping,stairs running and ladders work can help with your feet work which is important in volleyball also.

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